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  • obesity

    What Causes Obesity

    Weight gain and long term obesity can be caused by a number of factors like:

    • Genetics
    • Dietary environment and learned eating habits
    • Lack of exercise
    • Overeating
    • Poor diet

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  • Complications


    Complications include:

    Major health risks:

    • Shorter Life Expectancy
    • Compared to people of normal weight, obese people have a 50% to 100%
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  • Diet Program

    Diet Program vs Weight Loss Procedure

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  • Benefit

    Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

    Severe Obesity: Why the Need for Surgical Intervention

    Severe obesity is one of the most serious stages of obesity. You may often find yourself struggling with your weight and essentially feeling as if you’re trapped in a weight gain cycle. You have have lost 10kg and gain 20kg when you stop the diet program. Surgery is the only effective treatment to combat severe obesity and maintain weight loss in the long term.

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Loss Surgery Option

Weight Loss Surgery Payment Options

Insured Patient

We have the best rates for patients who is insured in a health fund. The total out of pocket cost is $3700 which includes cost of surgeon, dietician, surgical assistant, anaesthetist. We have very low complication and in the event of any complication there is no extra charged as long as your are fully insured. Please ring 0292213919 for more information.


Uninsured Patient

In our quality hospital we offer the lowest all inclusive fee for weight loss procedure for those patients who are not insured. The total out of pocket cost is $ 14,300 which includes cost of surgeon, dietician, surgical assistant, anaesthetist and theatre. Please ring or email us for a quote for the weight loss procedure you are interested in. Please call 0292213919 or email on


Finance Options

Specifically designed for patients having Medical treatments :

Payment plans from $2,001

Medipay has many years of experience in financial services for medical procedures and will assist you based on your requirements.


Using Superannuation

The application for early super release is processed by the ATO. You will need to fill out an application form and obtain a written letter of support from both your GP and Specialist.


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